Why you started the site “Design Architect”? Or what is the motivation behind this site?

Literally it gets quiet boring to see buildings of the same designs and style in daily routines and it is a sight of an extreme pleasure when you are able to witness something that is completely different or has an extremely appealing style or if it is same as past ones then also it has packed some uniqueness in it that cannot be found anywhere. Uniqueness does not only mean the height but it also encompasses the material used, the color combinations applied, the styling, the mirrors used and so on. So, if you see a sky crapper that only exhibits the looks of old apartments then it is not inspirational but if you see a two story building that has all the whites in it and has in it some beautiful elevations then this one is really a master piece. So, aiming to witness more unique building architectures was what I dreamed off before starting this site.

What kind of information about architecture can we find here?

The pictures showcasing some unique talent will be foundation of this site which will be highlighting all the current and not so current building projects happening around the globe. Also some popular catalogs and magazines about architecture will be mentioned here that you can buy or follow to stay updated even more. I also will be sharing top buildings present here and around the globe that demand appraisal for their designs. Where all the above mentioned stuff was more importantly for your inspiration I also will want to share the knowhow of becoming a good architect. The ideas you should implement while you are going through your scheme of studies as well as a complete road map to guide you in proper direction. The skills you should have before going to your school so that you are able to make most out of your practical studies. Tips that will be helpful for you, tools that you will be needing, must-haves to keep in your bag and thus the list goes on but I guess I have made my point.

How you find stuff to post in this site?

Going through internet, carrying out extensive researches, asking my friends living in different place around the world to send me unique building designs with their history, famous architecture blogs, numerous other popular architects and their contributions as well as talking to them about different styles they knew, and so on. All these various ways help me out in posting stuff about architects and their designs. Though my aim is to focus on beginners and pre beginners but that cannot be possible without giving them the right inspiration. It is also not the case that I will immediately post any new stuff that I came across rather I will firstly check it out for is originality and then post it.