Tips For Making An Architecture Portfolio

A good architect is someone who is needed by everyone, this is because a good architect knows everything there is about architecture therefore, he is able to provide the best results. It is important for every architect to maintain a portfolio because it is something that allows people to see the past record of a particular architect and then decide whether to hire him or not. However, there are many things that an architect must know before making a portfolio. Here you will find some tips for architects that should help make a better architecture portfolio.

First and foremost, you should know that an empty resume will never be of any good to you. It is important for your resume to have a portfolio, this is because a resume without it does not gain much attention therefore it won’t bring a lot of advantages to you. If you have successfully understood the value of a portfolio, then now it is time to understand that the presentation of the portfolio is as important as the content. So make sure that both of these things are picture perfect and have no flaws whatsoever.


The second thing that you should understand is that people do not have time to go through long portfolios. That is why it is always a better idea to go with shorter portfolios rather than longer ones. When you are making a short portfolio then make sure that you place your best projects and works first, so that they are able to acquire the maximum amount of attraction.

When you are making a portfolio it is important to choose the projects carefully. If you have worked on several projects then you should select only those that look professional and work with the office’s profile. When you are making an online portfolio, then make sure that it is not more than 15 MBs in size. This is because if it is more than that then it will start to slow down and might provoke the receiver to move on.


When you are making an architecture portfolio then make sure that you do not put too many diagrams. On one hand diagrams might look good but they can also pull unwanted attention which might leave the rest of your portfolio useless. You need not explain every single thing with the help of drawings and diagrams, hence try to keep them to a minimum and make your projects the star of the show.

These were a few tips that every architect should follow when they are making an architecture portfolio. These tips will help architects to make the best architecture portfolio that will be liked by all. If you are an architect or want to become an architect, then it is important for you to learn everything about the field. The better you plan out the portfolio the better will be the outcome, therefore make sure that you take your time when you are making a portfolio.

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